Our History

The Clocktower Close building is a two story, Neo-Romanesque brick building.  The entrance has a large archway made of smooth brownstone, which also accents most of the windows and much of the rest of the structure. Just above the beautiful entrance, towering above all the other buildings in the area, is the four story clock tower.  The four large Roman numeral clocks, one on each side of the tower, are recessed into a gorgeous brick and brownstone archway. Above each clock are two gargoyle heads protruding from the tower. The roof of the tower is laid with terra cotta tiles and is pyramidal in shape. and has played an important role in Norwalk’s economic history.

Known originally as the Loth Company Building, Clocktower Close has been the site of several manufacturing concerns, two of which contributed significantly to Norwalk’s twentieth century manufacturing prowess. Between 1903 and 1945, the building served Norwalk’s leading industry, hatting, in housing the manufacture of silk ribbons and felt hats.  In 1945, the building’s second owner, the American Hat Company, sold the structure to the Yankee Metal Products Corporation, makers of automotive safety parts and accessories.

In 1985, after eighty years of service, the building was retired from its industrial lifestyle and transformed into beautiful loft-style apartments and a unique self-storage facility on the lower level.

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